Glazov, the Udmurt Republic

Glazov is a town in the north of the Udmurt Republic, 180 km from Ijevsk. Population: 95 000. Glazov is far from Moscow and Saint-Petersburg, it’s located on the way to Siberia. The location determined the peculiar significance of this town in the history of Russia. In the 19 century Glazov was a transit point for the Decembrists and a place of exile for V.G. Korolenko, the well-known Russian writer. Many mills and factories were evacuated here from the west of the country during the Second World War. After the war a new plant for the production of uranium determined a new specialization of the town. Nowadays JSC “Chepetsk mechanical plant” is the major employer of Glazov. It’s the part of Nuclear Power Federal Agency. The plant produces uranium, zirconium, and calcium metals for nuclear power plants, military, and space technologies.

Not-a-real Motherland

The home-town, the winter and the broken nose. Text and Foto: Anton Sokolov If you  heard the anthem of Glazov a tow...